• Wellness Plans

    Kleinburg Veterinary Hospital is proud to introduce Wellness Plans for puppies/kittens, adults and senior pets! Our comprehensive Wellness Plans include all of the yearly preventative care for your pet, to keep them healthy and to prevent disease. Plans include necessary vaccines, spay/neuter for puppies/kittens, fecal testing for parasites, preventative bloodwork (including heartworm/lyme testing) and the option to include a dental cleaning and full oral assessment. All Wellness Plans are at a discounted cost and with the added convenience of affordable monthly payments! Pets on Wellness Plans also receive unlimited free office visits and 5% off the price of food, preventative parasite control and more. We have several Wellness plans available for the different life stages of your pet. For more information please see details below:

    Welllness Plan: Puppy and Kitten

    WP Puppy:kitten

    Wellness Plan: Adult Dog and Cat