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    The Importance of Bringing Your Cat to the Veterinarian

    All too often we hear that cat owners do not bring their cats to the veterinarian because they are strictly indoor cats or become overly stressed while at the veterinarian’s office. There has been a lot of research done recently on cat behaviour and how to make the veterinarian’s office more inviting to cats.  At the Kleinburg Veterinary Hospital, we are continually expanding our knowledge and learning new and innovative techniques to make your cats visit a positive experience. Here are some practices we incorporate into every cat visit at the clinic:

    Yearly Wellness Exams: whether you get your cat as a kitten or an older cat, they should see the veterinarian yearly even if no apparent problems have occurred. A yearly exam is the best preventative medicine and gives your veterinarian an opportunity to know you, your cat and any baseline values. Cats are unique animals in their ability to hide medical problems, and too often we see very sick cats that do not show any signs. Ask your veterinarian any questions you have regarding your cats behaviour and remember to ask about proper cat nutrition.

    Cat Carrier: always bring your cat in a well fitted carrier with a towel from home for the car ride and to transport them into the office. It should be a place where your cat feels safe, therefore practice getting your cat into the carrier at home and rewarding the positive behaviour. Bring an extra towel to drape over the cat carrier to create a safe haven for your cat inside.

    Pheromone Diffusers: speak with your veterinarian about purchasing a pheromone diffuser that can be plugged into the wall and create a soothing atmosphere for your cat. Diffusers can be left in a room with your cat at home, but should also be set up in the veterinary exam room to create a positive environment for your cats. Pheromones also come in wipes and sprays, so make sure to speak with us prior to your appointment to ensure you take the right steps leading up to the appointment.

    Calm Environment: when you arrive at the clinic with your cat, we will immediately bring them into the exam room which is always cleaned following the previous appointment. Your cat should remain on “high ground” in the carrier, placed highly on a table or counter. We ensure there is minimal outside noise such as barking dogs or other cats meowing, therefore prefer to book feline appointments during quiet times.

    Experienced Staff: staff at KVH is well trained on new cat friendly practices and are able to apply new techniques in a safe and effective way. Speak with our staff before booking your appointment for any suggesting on preparation before the appointment, during and even take home instructions. Make sure to outline and new behaviours your cat is displaying or changes in their lifestyle so we have as much information possible before the appointment.

    Follow the link for a great video of what to expect during a physical exam of your cat.

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